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It’s fair to say that if you’re rolling around Adelaide in your Mercedes-Benz, your BMW, your Volkswagen, that it is your pride and joy. Don’t trust just anyone with it. The Castle Motors technicians aren’t just your run-of-the-mill grease monkeys. They are fully trained and totally enthusiastic about treating your pride and joy as if it was their own.

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Logbook Servicing

It’s a common misconception that your factory warranty is voided if you have it serviced anywhere but the dealership you bought it from. Not so. In fact, you are much better off with Castle Motors. Your car keys won’t be thrown to a first-year apprentice and you won’t be paying extravagant amounts of money.

Castle Motors’ trained technicians can perform your vehicle’s logbook servicing without voiding your factory warranty. Our skilled mechanics adhere to your manufacturer’s service guidelines and utilise OEM components to make sure that your warranty isn’t voided, while still receiving our prompt and professional service. The Castle Motors workshop is the ideal alternative to having your pride and joy serviced at a dealership.

Diagnostics and Auto electrical

As European cars get more and more sophisticated, and rely more on electrical systems, ensuring that enough power can reach your vehicle’s various on-board devices is crucial to vehicle performance and driver comfort.

With the latest cutting edge diagnostic equipment and scan tools, Castle Motors can isolate the cause of an auto-electrical fault and have your vehicle fired up on all cylinders

Mechanical repairs

With seven hoists, Castle Motors is prepared for whatever your car needs. Brakes, clutches, timing belts and chains, steering and suspension, the list goes on and on.

There is not much the team haven’t seen or repaired over the years and they are backed by factory repair information for all the big European brands.

If you need new tyres at the same time, that can be arranged too.

“The knowledge, expertise and significant experience within the Service department is second to none. If you wish to avoid ‘dubious’ practices and have your vehicle serviced by a long – standing professional in the industry, you should make an appointment with Castle Motors.”

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